Els Ports has a vast network of roads, witness to the historical, cultural and social events that have marked this land. Its strategic location, a thoroughfare between Aragón, Catalonia and the Region of Valencia, has marked its history and heritage, such as its road infrastructure, used by many people from all eras for walking, exploiting natural resources, transporting livestock, and working in the villages and farmhouses spread around this historical region. The GR 331: Els Ports-Camí de Conquesta, is an approved, sign-posted semicircular route of 166 km that allows visitors to enjoy the nature and landscape found along the old roads that traditionally linked some of the towns in this region. Hiking through the mountains on this 15-stage route you can discover how this land and its forests were used in the past, traditional local trades, cultural traditions and archaeological remains. A real opportunity for personal achievement, daring to dream, learning and loving this land a little bit more.